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Un podcast en français sur la construction de logiciel avec les technologies Microsoft.

Suivez les entrevues de Mario Cardinal et Guy Barrette avec les experts francophones en développement de logiciel.

Sep 4, 2018

Nous discutons avec Frédéric Harper de la programmation des montres Fitbit avec JavaScript, CSS, SVG et le SDK FitBit.

As a Senior Developer Evangelist at Fitbit, Frédéric Harper is sharing his passion for technology and helping developers being successful. Former Microsoft and Mozilla Technical Evangelist he has had the pleasure to meet, share with, and learn from many of the tech world’s thought leaders. A passionate public speaker who has cracked the code of personal branding, Frédéric also published “Success in programming” to international acclaim. Behind this extrovert who lives by the no bullshit policy is a very passionate individual who believes in the power of communication… and cat videos.